Marlon Narciso and Connie Dunwoody first met in 2002 when Connie joined “The Voice Club,” a group of singers ranging in age from 10 through adult, that Marlon directed.

They formed the duo mc2 (“mc-squared”) in 2004, and have been playing regularly in and around Victoria since then. mc2 has played for a wide variety of functions, from business receptions and dances to weddings, funerals and other private engagements. mc2 has the unique ability to judge the mood of a room, and provide suitable music, handling special requests with ease. They provide a wide variety of music, from background to dance, for Corporate events or private functions. And as you might guess from their picture — there's not just music, there is entertainment, laughter and lots of Good Living.

Marlon is Music Director at St. George's Anglican Church in Victoria. Connie works for the Diocese of Victoria as Communications Coordinator. Marlon also has a recording studio, and provides top-quality recording and CD production services. Together, Connie and Marlon own Basic Music Productions, a company through which they write Christian Contemporary songs, with Connie scripting lyrics and Marlon creating the music.

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